Your generous gift supports Rostro de Cristo volunteers as they offer their skills and education to those in need, and through this service to encounter Christ is a transformative, life-changing way. They return from their year with Rostro de Cristo to work in their communities and churches as young leaders with a profound understanding of compassion and social justice, and a deep desire to serve each person they meet. Whether you can give $10, $50, $100 or $1000, every gift adds up and contributes to the support and sustainability of Rostro de Cristo’s volunteer and retreat group programs. Here is a snapshot of what your donations will go towards:

$1000 – helps to  train our volunteers in communication, cross-cultural and leadership skills during their year of service.

$500 – support the faith formation of our volunteers with resources for daily prayer and spiritual reflection.

$400– sponsors the basic living expenses (food, transportation and housing) for one month for a Rostro de Cristo volunteer as they help expand local educational, health, and social programs to those in need.

$250 – provide educational materials to our support the educational ministries in which our volunteers work.

Please mail checks to: Rostro de Cristo, 66 Brooks Drive, Braintree, MA 02184