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Annual Reports

RdC 2019 Annual Report: Making an Imact
“Serving. Building Bridges. Leading. These are the ways that Rostro de Cristo volunteers, alumni, retreatants,neighbors and partners make an impact.”

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The Power of Prayer

“At only 8 days old, Lia Amelia found herself in the hospital fighting for her life. She spent a whole month in pain and in fear. Juana (her mother) was devastated. And how could she not be? The doctors were preparing her for the worst.”

Reflecting recently on the power of prayer in her life, Monte Sinai volunteer Valeria Garcia shares a story from her experience with her neighbor Juana, and Juana’s baby daughter, Lia Amelia.

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"Gratitude is my Prayer": Meet Manny Mendez

“Gratitude is my prayer. Gratitude keeps my soul rooted in God.”

Emmanuel “Manny” Méndez spreads joy, hope and wisdom beyond his years with volunteers, employees and retreatants as Rostro de Cristo’s Ecuador Program Manager. Get to know him better with this RdC Q&A.

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Alumni Council

Jazzmin Boyd served in the Arbolito community in Duran from 2012-2013. She worked as an English teacher at Centro Solidario Santiago Apóstol in Guayaquil and helped organize the afterschool program “Manos Abiertas” in the neighborhood of Veintiocho de Agosto, Duran. … 

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The Gift of Hospitality

Just over two years ago, my community mates and I were spending five nights a week practicing for our parish’s interpretation of Las Posadas. We all had different roles. I, who cannot dance, was assigned to choreograph and perform with … 

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Arbolito Update

It seems like yesterday that the six of us were leaving the sweltering summer heat of our orientation in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and now, almost six months later, about to start the Ecuadorian winter, it’s even hotter! Fortunately we have been pretty … 

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Monte Sinai Update

Retreat Groups From the 19th to the 26th of November, we were blessed to host our first retreat group in Mount Sinai. Our retreatants, hailing from Saint Jon Paul II Highschool in Cape Cod, MA, spent their Thanksgiving break learning … 

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“Christ Meets Us with Open Arms”

Patrick Hyland, SJ served a Rostro de Cristo volunteer in 2011-2012 in Monte Sinai. In 2013 Patrick entered the Jesuits and today he is studying at St. Louis University. As part of his training he ministers at the county jail … 

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I Have Fallen in Love

I have arrived at the last days here in Ecuador, and I am filled with so many emotions: gratitude for what I’ve learned this year, nostalgia for the life I’ve lived here, excitement to return home, but mostly a real … 

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Meet our 2017-18 Volunteers

In July 2017 we commissioned these twelve generous and committed young women and men who have left the comforts of home to live and serve among the impoverished with Rostro de Cristo (RdC), The Face of Christ, in the … 

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A State of Emergency

It was 6:58pm, on a typical Saturday night in Monte Sinai, Ecuador and Meghan, Hannah, and I were visiting a neighbor we had never visited before. We were in the kitchen chatting about the upcoming start of the school year, … 

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Ricardo’s Journey

Ricardo, alumni volunteer from 2001-02, shares how Rostro de Cristo has influenced his career with the Foreign Service On my first day on the job as a Foreign Service Officer at the State Department, I met around 50 of my … 

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