An international Jesuit organization, Hogar de Cristo provides affordable housing and various social services to those in need, in particular to women and children. In the greater Guayaquil area, they have one center that provides micro-financing programs, affordable housing, educational support, medical care, technical training, pastoral ministry, and various other social services.

RdC volunteers support various offices and projects, including the public health office, community organizing office, and pastoral ministry office.  In the public health office, volunteers are invlolved with community outreach, primarily focused on the areas of HIV, water hygiene, and nutrition.  Volunteers also work in the community organizing office, whose mission is to empower community coordinators in Mount Sinai to advocate on behalf of their community to receive social services from government officials and other foundations.  In the Pastoral Ministry office, an RdC volunteer serves by accompanying Christian Base Communities, particulary women’s groups.