Nuevo Mundo (“New World”) is a two-part, private, Catholic co-educational school in Guayaquil.  The unique design of this institution allows for both the children of the affluent and the impoverished to receive good quality educational opportunities.  The morning school, Unidad Educativa Bilingüe Nuevo Mundois one of the most prestigious private schools in Ecuador. The afternoon school, Fundación Nuevo Mundo, educates resource-poor children using the same facilities and resources.  Many of these afternoon students come from the Arbolito community, which is one of RdC’s house locations.

RdC volunteers have worked closely with Nuevo Mundo since the inception of the RdC volunteer program.  The volunteers are invited to teach English to the afternoon students for the upper levels of 6th-10th grades.  During those classes, grammar, pronunciation, and writing skills are emphasized. These classes are often challenging, but fun for both the volunteers and the students, who are continuously learning from one another.