To inspire a lifelong commitment to a faith that works for justice through transformative, intercultural experiences living the Gospel of Christ in solidarity with marginalized communities.

La Misión

Inspirar un compromiso de vida con una fe que trabaja por la justicia a través de experiencias transformadoras e interculturales conviviendo el Evangelio de Cristo en solidaridad con comunidades marginadas.

We ground ourselves in these core values: shared experience of faith, serving in solidarity with those on the margins, mutuality, build intercultural community, living simply, and hospitality.

values faithWe believe in a faith which is transformative and hopeful, which celebrates the unity and diversity of God’s creation. We desire to see Christ in each person and to communicate Christ’s love through our actions and words. We are grounded by our Catholic faith which calls us to a radical openness to and trust in God’s unconditional love and mercy for all.



values solidarityWe choose to live in economically impoverished communities, to enter into these communities with humility and partner with local efforts that respond to their basic needs and seek to understand the causes of the injustices in which they live. 

values mutualityWe recognize the dignity of every person and the diversity of the human family. We commit to fostering interpersonal relationships of mutual appreciation, respect, and accountability. We do this by honoring each individual’s unique identities, inclusive of their gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, and status, as we open ourselves to learning from them and sharing ourselves authentically in return.


values communityWe commit to living in an intentional Christian community supporting each other’s spiritual and personal growth with love, acceptance, and understanding; and sharing resources to ensure that each person has what they need to thrive.

values simplicityWe prioritize authentic relationships with God and others. We recognize the limits of our common home, and act to end the unjust distribution of wealth and opportunity.






values  hospitalityWe believe that opening our hearts and homes to others is an opportunity to receive God’s blessings and to share Christ’s love.