A Time for Thanksgiving

“I am thankful for my acceptance in a country, a culture that is not my own. That I am granted the patience from neighbors and community partners as I improve my language skills. That I am welcomed with open arms, hugs, meals, and a place to feel home.” (Stephanie Sickinger, RdC Volunteer in Arbolito)

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¡Bienvenida y bienvenido!

Rostro de Cristo is a Catholic volunteer and immersion retreat program for people of faith to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Ecuador. Volunteers and retreat participants are invited to:

  • Grow in their faith by reflecting on God’s presence in their lives; 
  • Live in solidarity with those on the margins – learn from them and be in service to them and each other; and
  • Reflect on God’s call in our lives. 

Rostro de Cristo invites you to encounter Christ by encountering His presence in our neighbors in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Retreat Groups

Rostro de Cristo offers high school, college students, and parishioners a unique opportunity to live the Gospel, deepen their understanding of the global Church, and to make a difference by committing to service, faith, and social justice.

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An Invitation to Encounter

Each summer 12–15 recent college graduates travel to the edges of Guayaquil, Ecuador to serve with Rostro de Cristo (RdC) as year long volunteers. They do so in response to God’s call to love our neighbors and to share in the joys and struggles with those who live on the margins. Volunteers spend a year together intentionally living our pillar values: spirituality, service, community, simplicity, and hospitality.

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Donate Today!

Supporting Rostro de Cristo is an opportunity to invest in a highly focused program allowing you to see real impact in Ecuador while following the progress of volunteers when they return home and serve their communities, families, and churches.

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“True joy is born from the encounter, from the relationships with others. We must create a culture of encounter, a culture of friendship, a culture in which we find brothers and sisters…They all have something in common with us: they are images of God.”

– Pope Francis