Volunteer Program

Rostro de Cristo forms young leaders who believe deeply that we belong to each other. A vision made concrete by serving others and sharing faith in community. The Rostro de Cristo Volunteer Program invites young people from the United States to walk alongside those living in marginalized and vulnerable communities through one to two years of service. Volunteers immerse themselves in the local community, support a local organization, live in intentional community together, and are guided by the values of the Gospel. With an emphasis on cultivating connections and relationships, volunteers seek to live out the mission of Rostro de Cristo in a concrete way. Rostro volunteers are, and become, spiritually grounded people who practice cultural humility and understand that solutions will be found when working with others as partners and giving space for the voices not often heard.

In 2024 we are initiating a new volunteer community in Consuelo, Dominican Republic in collaboration with ASCALA, (Scalabrini Association in the Service of Migrants and Refugees). ASCALA, a ministry the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of St Charles Borromeo, is team of over 30 Dominican, Haitian, and religious professionals dedicated to providing “services to defend human rights and promote human and social development for vulnerable migrants,” most principally Haitian residents and immigrants, and Dominicans of Haitian descent living in the areas many bateyes.  ASCALA works on initiatives that improve the lives of migrants and their children through legal aid, education, entrepreneurship training and support, and social services.