We ground ourselves in these core values: shared experience of faith, serving in solidarity with those on the margins, mutuality, build intercultural community, living simply, and hospitality.

Monte Sinaí, Ecuador

Rostro de Cristo volunteers currently live and work in Monte Sinaí, a community located in the northwestern part of Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city. Monte Sinaí’s population of approximately 133,000 live in 39 cooperatives spread across 36 square miles.  These inhabitants have migrated here from other parts of Guayaquil and various provinces throughout the country seeking better educational and employment opportunities. Such cultural diversity weaves a beautiful tapestry! Neighbors in Monte Sinaí have also been drawn here by the opportunity to purchase land and build a home for their families. Unfortunately, Monte Sinaí has a complex history of land trafficking which has subjected many to forced displacement and a lack of resources and services, such as running water and paved roads. Thanks to the dedicated work of local community members (mainly women!) who received training on law and their individual and collective rights, these advocates shed light on discrepancies in land ownership and were able to successfully launch a process of land legalization. Community members are currently in the process of legalizing their land, homes, and businesses. It is truly a privilege to be welcomed into this sacred space, as neighbors graciously accept the threads that we bring and humbly teach us to weave them into the tapestry of Monte Sinaí year after year.

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