We ground ourselves in these core values: shared experience of faith, serving in solidarity with those on the margins, mutuality, build intercultural community, living simply, and hospitality.

Monte Sinaí, Ecuador

For the last thirty-five years Rostro de Cristo has been in Ecuador - thirty-four of those years Rostro de Cristo volunteers immersed themselves in communities on the margins of Guayaquil and welcomed retreat groups to join them. The people we came know blessed and inspired us by their hospitality, friendship, care, love, and faith. Recently, we made the decision to temporarily suspend our programs in Ecuador due to the insecurity and violence related to drug-trafficking and relocated to another community where we can serve collaboratively.

In 2024 we are developing our program in Consuelo, Dominican Republic in collaboration with ASCALA, (Scalabrini Association in the Service of Migrants and Refugees). ASCALA, a ministry the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of St Charles Borromeo, is team of over 30 Dominican, Haitian, and religious professionals dedicated to providing “services to defend human rights and promote human and social development for vulnerable migrants,” most principally Haitian residents and immigrants, and Dominicans of Haitian descent living in the areas many bateyes.  ASCALA works on initiatives that improve the lives of migrants and their children through legal aid, education, entrepreneurship training and support, and social services.

We are grateful this incredible opportunity and continue to be in prayerful relationship with our Ecuadorian neighbors and partners.